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My name is Linley and I'm a Perth based celebrant. I became a celebrant because I'm passionate about creating memorable ceremonies for people in love. I'm a people person, my bubbly and friendly nature means I'm great at chatting away with everyone and anyone.


I'm head over heels for romance. Getting to share all of my couple's epic love stories is why I love my job! The overwhelming sense of happiness is what I want to capture on your day. The love and joy you share with each other should always be the highlight.


In this exciting time of your lives, you want someone funny, laid-back and mostly a great communicator. That’s me! I’m always around for a laugh or a good chat. I want to know every single detail of what brought this once-in-a-lifetime love into existence.


I have a degree in Professional Writing and Publishing which makes my ceremonies well thought out, unique and beautifully written.


I’m organized and detail orientated so I will make sure everything goes to plan. Keeping things stress free is my goal, so that your wedding day and ceremony are as relaxed as possible. Trust me, we've got this.


Want to a few more things about me? I'm a big foodie and make the most amazing pasta dishes. In my spare time you will find me outside with a book in hand or in some body of water (ocean is the preference but I'll take a swimming pool any day of the week too). I'm in constant demand by two tiny humans that I made with my husband but they mostly only hang around me for snacks. I love musical theatre productions, seeing comedy acts and losing my voice to Taylor Swift. I'm holding out for a big white Christmas holiday and my Hogwarts letter!


Think I'm the right fit for you or just want to know more about what I can do for your special day? Contact me today!